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PERU, the “Land of the Incas” is a magical land,well known for its extraordinary biological diversity and its rich culture. 

The Country is divided into three geographical regions:

  • The Costas (coast) to the west, a narrow plain and largely arid.
  • The Sierra (highlands), the region of the Andes Mountains; and extending east.
  • The Selva (jungle), an expanse of flat terrain covered by the Amazon Rainforest, including the Amazon Basin.

The Amazon Basin is the part of South America drained by the Amazon River and its tributaries. It is the largest river basin in the world. Whenever rain falls in the river basin, it is drained  into the Amazon Rainforest and the Amazon River.  One fifth of the world’s fresh water is found in the Amazon Basin.

Your journey with us begins in Iquitos, Peru, traveling up the Amazon River, by boat to  Chullachaqui Eco Lodge for your Amazon adventure.   An experience of a lifetime!


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