Amazonian Trips provides an unforgettable Amazon adventure in our jungle lodge,  “Chullachaqui Eco Lodge”

Experience the Amazon Rainforest!

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Amazonian Trips

Amazonian Trips Tour Agency will organize your Amazon adventure at Chullachaqui Eco Lodge, our jungle lodge, when you visit Iquitos, Peru. 

A jungle paradise where the mighty Amazon River flows past mythical forests and the reflection of the deep greens of the jungle and wide blue skies on the river’s dark water create a special magic.

Here, biological diversity is at its richest, Pink dolphins (Boto) rule the river and lily pads grow as big as small pools.

Sloth and Iguana are common jungle creatures, and the jewel-like colors of the bird life are stunning. 

Amazonian Trips and Chullachaqui Eco Lodge promote and practice sustainable tourism and are committed to preservation of the Amazon River and Amazon Rainforest.   The lodge was constructed using local Eco-friendly materials.

Eco-cultural activities are organized daily to promote sustainable tourism.

Amazonian Trips – Chullachaqui Eco Lodge local bilingual naturalist guides  lead our daily excursions:

Amazonian Trips also organizes camping trips to the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve and local day tours in Iquitos.

The guests of Amazonian Trips – Chullchaqui Eco Lodge will return home with memories of a magical land and an experience of a lifetime!



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