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Iquitos, Peru is the world’s largest city that cannot be accessed by roads.  Land-locked by the surrounding Amazon Rain Forest it is only accessible by plane or boat.

Traveling by Air

Iquitos is most commonly reached by air, the easiest and quickest method of travel.  Daily flights arrive in Iquitos from Lima in the morning, afternoon and evening.  Travel time from Lima is 1 1/2 hours.  Airlines servicing Lima to Iquitos include LAN, Peruvian Airlines and Star Peru.

Traveling by Boat

Transport by boat is available from Pulcallpa to Iquitos, taking from 4 to 6 days.

Traveling Within Iquitos

The most common means of transport in the Iquitos is by “mototaxi”, a type of motorized rickshaw.  Other means of transport are local bus, motorcycle and car.

The traditional means of river transport are by “peque-peque”, a small motorized boat, the “pamacari” boat (larger and roofed for travelers’ convenience ) and the outboard motorboat (speed boat) which is faster and more powerful.

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