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Amazonian Trips and Chullachaqui Lodge are committed to preservation of the Amazon and we practice and promote sustainable tourism.    Our lodge is constructed in the traditional local style, using local materials, labor and staffing.

The Lodge offer beautiful views of the Rio Tapira and the surrounding rainforest.   Large fully screened windows and high pitched roofs create a cozy, comfortable rainforest home for our guests.

We offer two types of sleeping rooms:  rooms with private bathroom facilities (Casa Oropendola and Casa Colibri) and rooms with shared bathroom facilities (Casa Tapria).

  • An informal sitting room is located in the Casa Tapira and offers a place for our guests to gather.
  • Our inviting hammock room provides an area to relax and take in the spectacular surroundings in complete comfort.  A favorite of both guests and staff!
  • Our communal comedor is spacious and offers guests an opportunity to enjoy the delicious regional Chullachaqui cuisine, while discussing their exciting adventures of the day!

There is no electricity in the lodge, we prefer to provide a more natural experience, however, we do have a small generator for charging batteries, laptops, etc.  Night illumination is provided by kerosene lamplight, providing a magical ambiance.  Water for all bathroom facilities is provided by an onsite well.

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