Paquete Tucan 4 Days/3 Nights


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Day 1

Travel to Chullachaqui Eco Lodge, Rainforest Excursion and Nocturnal Hike (Lunch, Dinner) 

Depart from Iquitos and travel 97 kilometers (approximately 2 hours) up the Amazon River to Chullachaqui Lodge, located on the banks of the the Rio Tapira, a small Amazon tributary. During the trip, you will have the opportunity to see spectacular scenery along the mighty river, and to observe how local people live and make a living along the Amazon. Arriving at lodge, a a brief orientation with your guide.  Lunch and following lunch an afternoon excursion is planned to show you the local flora and fauna, and teach you about medicinal plants of the rainforest. Dinner in lodge.  After dinner enjoy a nighttime excursion to spot insects, amphibians and nocturnal animals.

Day 2

Birdwatching, Canoeing, Pink Dolphins, Caiman Spotting (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Birdwatching along the river in the early in the morning.  Enjoy an Amazon sunrise. Breakfast in the lodge.  After breakfast, cruise along the Amazon River by peke-peke boat to spot pink and gray river dolphins. Lunch in Lodge. In the afternoon a jungle hike to look for sloths, iguanas, monkeys and many other jungle creatures. Diner in Lodge, then after dark. caiman spotting along the river!

Day 3

Local Amazon Village, Giant Lily Pads “Victoria Regia”, Amazon Sunset (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

After breakfast a visit is planned to a local Amazon village community to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the local people living in the rainforest. You will learn how they live and work, which includes fishing, growing papaya, banana, manioc and other typical products of the region. Lunch at Lodge. After lunch a hike to a nearby local lake to see the giant lily pads “Victoria Regia” and search for animals and birds in this area. Upon returning to the lodge you will have an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful Amazon sunset. Dinner in Lodge.

Day 4

Oxbow Lake, Piranha Fishing, Swimming (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Today we will go to a beautiful remote jungle lake to enjoy the remarkable biodiversity of this area. We will take a picnic lunch and enjoy the morning at the lake, enjoying the beauty and serenity of the area.  Following lunch we will prepare for the return trip to Iquitos. Once in Iquitos you will be transported to your hotel or the Airport.  End of our services.

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