Our Name Chullachaqui

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Our Name Chullachaqui

The Amazon is full of regional myths and our name originates from the legend of “Chullachaqui”, considered to be the “Protective Guardian of the Amazon Rainforest”.

At our lodge we welcome guests into our rainforest home!  We care for and protect the resources of the Amazon Rainforest and we teach our guests about the rainforest and its wealth of plants and animals

Legend indicates that the Chullachaqui is a protective jungle spirit who has the ability to to appear in different forms, as a jungle animal or a person familiar to the intruder.  He wards off the intruders by tricking them into following him deep into the rainforest where they become lost.

He can be recognized by observing his feet as they are not the same! At times he may appear with two different sized human feet, He may also appear with one human foot and one animal foot.  This feature cannot be disguised!

The name is derived from two local Quechua words chulla (dissimilar) and chaqui (feet).

One description says:  “The Chullachaqui is a protective spirit of the jungle, who can help or harm people depending on whether they mistreat or respect nature in the jungle.”  He is generous with those who make rational use of the resources of the forest, but is harmful toward people who invade his space without permission and destroy its plant and animal resources.”

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