The Lodge

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[img src=]860Chullachaqui Eco Lodge - High Water Season
[img src=]820Chullachaqui Lodge - Low Water Season
[img src=]650Lodge Entrance
[img src=]440View of covered Walkways
[img src=]390An inviting lodge
[img src=]440View of Hammock Room from Rio Tapira
[img src=]400Hammock Room
[img src=]300Lodge View from Rio Tapira
[img src=]210The Lodge
[img src=]250The Lodge
[img src=]290Casa Oropendola - Rooms with Private Bathrooms
[img src=]330Shared Bathrooms
[img src=]420Lavatories in Shared Bathrooms
[img src=]570Lunch in the Lodge
[img src=]230Our delicious Buffet
[img src=]250Relaxing in the Sala
[img src=]240River View from Hammock Room
[img src=]220Relaxing in the Hammocks
[img src=]220Serving Lunch
[img src=]530Regional Cuizine
[img src=]410Delicious Regional Cuizine
[img src=]300Buffet Style
[img src=]330Lunch
[img src=]260Dining
[img src=]290Dinner in the Lodge
[img src=]330Fishing from the Pier
[img src=]220Dugout Canoe
[img src=]210Local Visitors